A variety of mounting options – whether you require a Flush Mount look for your heater to keep a clean looking roof space, or a drop down kit if it’s a high ceiling, there are a range of options to enhance your lifestyle.

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Free-Standing Unit


Free-Standing Unit


Introducing the new portable Free Standing Unit for the Caloray Disc Heater, designed and engineered in Australia. No changing over gas bottles when they run out, or lighting issues when …





Inspired by pendant lights, the hood option adds a silhouette and classic look to your Caloray Disc heater. The hood is powder coated black and can be repainted by the purchaser to match your décor. Suitable for use with any pole size or wall hanger elegant.

Wall Hanger Elegant

Not having a ceiling is not a problem for the Caloray Disc. The heater can be mounted off an existing wall using the Wall Mounting Bracket.

Beautifully designed with an arch, the Wall Mounting Bracket will elegantly add heat to where you need it.
Suitable for side walk cafes, restaurants and high ceiling sports stadiums and church halls.

Recess Mount Kit


To reduce the ceiling profile even further, the optional Recess Mount Kit can be used to mount the heater into the ceiling cavity.

With a narrow black fascia that conceals the edges of the ceiling, the heater will project just 40mm from the surface of the ceiling. This is popular with installations that have recess lights and speakers.

The Recess Mount Kit is easy to install. It comes with all the brackets and hardware need to fit the heater to the Kit.


The Flush Mount Kit includes:

  • Recess Housing (Recess Can)
  • Rear support bracket
  • Twist Lock Bracket
  • 2 x M6x16mm Pan Head Screws
  • 2 x M6 nuts

100mm Extension Pole


The 100mm extension pole comes standard with heater.


Just in case you need a spare one!

400mm Extension Pole

Medium sized pole to lower the Caloray Disc to the optimum height.

Note: Currently item is out of stock.

800mm Extension Pole

Large sized pole to lower the Caloray Disc to the optimum height.

1200mm Extension Pole

Super sized pole to lower the Caloray Disc to the optimum height.