Patio Heaters For Business

If your business has outdoor entertaining, then keeping your clients warm will be a priority. Having clients comfortable will improve your business markedly, as clients will stay longer, return and they will talk about your business personally and on social media platforms. Business patronage will increase.

Through improving the functionality of your outdoor area business revenue will improve as clients stay longer to enjoy the services of your business. The comfort level of your outdoor area is enhanced as the heaters take the chill off the air. Having clients staying longer in your outdoor area is also a natural attraction for other potential clients.

When considering installing outdoor heaters in your entertaining area, informed planned is required. Heaters can be installed on the ceiling or angled out from the walls depending upon site conditions. The heaters have a specified range, so read the suppliers specifications to maximise their effectiveness. A heater isn’t going to be felt if its 5 metres away across an open deck.

Using radiant heaters, either electric or gas, it is best to mount them above the tables where the people are going to be. Protection from the wind is also an important consideration and having walls to reduce the wind greatly improves the heater’s effectiveness.

Patio heaters have been installed from cafes in the snow to pubs of the cities, they make a great addition to your business. They can be easily installed in streetscapes, atriums, entrances, gazebos or smoking rooms, which adds to your business profile and brand.

Finally, if you are close to the ocean or salt water, check that the heater materials are suitable for corrosive environments. Materials like steel and stainless steel (grades 304 and less) will rust quickly in coastal locations.


  1. Coverage, number of heaters needed for your specific location.
  2. Clients are within the range of the heater specifications.
  3. Distance of heater to combustible surfaces, e.g. curtains, awnings etc.
  4. Rated weather protection of heater (on the label IPxx)

This guide is intended to be general only. Consult your design expert or supplier of the heater for the suitability of your location. Always ensure that the heater is installed to all local building codes.


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