World’s first non glow disc heater designed in Melbourne

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Every year, the Premier’s Design Awards shed light on innovative projects around Victoria and one of the finalists is a heater called the Caloray Disc.

Here is an exerpt from the Premier’s Design Award’s website.

The Caloray Disc is the world’s first circular heater which brings function and form together in an architectural and stylish manner. The fashionable heater enhances entertaining opportunities for aspirational lifestyles all year round.

The innovative and transformational disc design enables designers and architects to resolve heating solutions whatever the circumstances or situations in residential or commercial applications.

The heating function has advanced to an aesthetically pleasing form, capable of meeting its role efficiently in any living space.

Creative design has released new potential with new consumer markets around the world.


The radical design of heating with Caloray Disc has been achieved with state of the art manufacturing techniques previously never used in this field. Pioneering die cast technologies has generated greater design possibilities thereby enabling more innovative, efficient heating solutions.

This design has enabled stylish accessories to be added, which in turn allows flexible answers to demanding spatial requirements. Simply, any living space can be safely heated, with fashionable, appealing and elegant designed discs.

Caloray offers new solutions to heating, which allows people to enjoy all weather, four seasons entertaining with design that complements and enriches their chosen décor.

Based here in Melbourne and operating primarily in North America, the Caloray Disc sees the Caloray Group become a manufacturer and wholesaler to the above mentioned region but strategically also Europe, Australia and Asia. With this growth there is an increase in the need for highly skilled and trained local people.

Listening to their customers, the Caloray Group developed the Caloray Disc to meet the need for efficient energy products. The environmentally friendly use of materials and energy efficiency enables Caloray Disc to be used in Net Zero projects.

Design and technology combined to create the world’s first ‘non glow’ disc heater.

This aspect accentuates the slimline, elegance of the disc heater which then empowers architects and designers to create for discerning premium consumer demands, within the luxury housing and construction sector. Heating function has now become an architectural and interior design feature in the residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

The non glow disc heater feature ensures the integrity of the designer’s plans, as heat glowing surfaces distract and interrupt aesthetic lines. Heating function and room ambience are achieved with minimalist intrusions.


(Source: by Joe Young)

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