Official Press Release: Red Dot Design Award

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On the 9th of April, in Essen, Germany, it was announced that Caloray Disc was awarded the
prestigious Red Dot by the Red Dot Design judges.

There were 39 jurors who are all experts in design, communication and product. The
following comments were said by the judging panel:

Caloray Disc breaks away from the design language of classical heaters. Its
innovative design and way of installation turn the device into an elegant interior object that skillfully combines aesthetics and function.

The Red Dot Design Awards have been an annual institution since 1954, as one of the oldest and most respected design awards in the world. They promote the excellence and importance of quality design for business and society.

The Red Dot winner’s museum has touring exhibitions in Essen, Germany, Singapore and Taipei. The Caloray Disc will feature in this exhibition.

The winners will be listed on Red Dot’s website from the 9th July. For more information on the award, please see their website:

The Red Dot Winner’s logo can be displayed on packaging and marketing material for all Caloray Disc communications.

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