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Caloray Disc is a versatile way to heat your area, it is both a radiant and convective heater. In addition, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Caloray has been designed and tested to provide safe and comfortable heating in hard to heat areas.

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Innovative Australian Design

Caloray Disc is the world’s first circular ‘non-glow’ heater which brings function and form together in an architectural and elegant product, it has been designed to be used in 6 star buildings and net Zero projects. When paired with a renewable energy source, it is emission free, both where the power and heat is generated. Life rated in excess of 10,000 hours, twice the industry average.

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World's first 'non-glow' circular radiant heater

The world’s first non-glow circular element of the Caloray Disc accentuates the slimline elegance of the heater. The pendant shape of the Disc blends in unobtrusively from the ceiling. Caloray Disc effectively heats traditionally hard to heat areas, allowing greater flexibility for your space.

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