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About Us

Benjamin Murphy is a multi award winning Product Designer based in Camberwell, Australia. Graduating from Monash University in 2000 with an Engineering degree specialising in design, Murphy has multi-discipline experience in the medical, scientific, heavy vehicle and consumer goods industries. Murphy has been working in Australia and internationally ever since.

Established in 2016, Caloray was founded by Murphy and is the Principal. Caloray is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality heating products with markets in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK and North America. Creating long lasting, functional products that are efficient and are easy to use.

Murphy has a passion for improving life through better design. This includes reducing the footprint our lifestyle has on the environment. This philosophy is carried through the design and manufacture of the products including packaging, choosing to focus on the use of reusable and sustainable materials.

Environmental Commitment

Caloray is committed to improving society through sustainable living, knowing what we do and how we do it, can change the effect on the environment.

Acknowledging that we live in a world that is both hot and cold, and these cold spaces need to be warm to be habitable. We can improve the way we heat these space by having targeting heated and conditioned living spaces. With these ideals we can increase the efficacy of heating.

Traditional heating sources use combustion of fuel, usually in gas or solid form to create heat. This process creates byproducts of gases and trace elements. These are harmful to both humans and the earth.

Electric appliances have the advantage of not needing combustion to create energy. They can be run using renewable sources like Solar or Hydro power. There is existing infrastructure for these renewable energy sources and by designing products that use this source, Caloray is supporting the increase of these energy sources.

Packaging Commitment

As part of our commitment to improving the way we live in our environment, we have identified that we use styrofoam in our packaging.

Styrofoam is not a good product for our environment. This product breaks downs easily into small pieces that is then blown by the wind into our lakes, rivers and oceans. It is then mistaken as food by animals. It then ends up in the food chain.

As part of our commitment to continually improving, we have evaluated the use and what we can do to improve our packaging to ensure that the environment is impacted less while still serving its purpose of protecting the products. So we have designed our packaging to not include styrofoam.

With less than 10kg of styrofoam left in our inventory, and the new designed packaging, we are committed to not using it in the future.
We hope you support us in our endeavour to reduce the impact we have on our natural resources and improve the way we live in it.

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